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Hi! My name is Nathaniel and I’m a junior at Harvard studying molecular biology.

I’ll be writing a series of essays about my encounters with cutting-edge science, biomedical entrepreneurship and venture capital.

My work is guided by the belief that advances in the life sciences will fundamentally alter our world and have the unique potential to transform our conception of what it means to be human.

I study the science, business, and bioethics of emergent technologies because I want to be a part of that journey — and help to ensure we take the right path.

This winter, I founded Nivien Therapeutics, a biotech company developing an experimental therapy for pancreatic cancer at the Harvard Innovation Labs.

I’m also working on a thesis in the David Sinclair Lab at Harvard Medical School (interventions to slow aging) and growing life sciences deal flow as a partner at First Round Capital’s university venture group Dorm Room Fund.

I write about more quotidian matters like politics and college in The Boston Globe, The New York Times, The Harvard Crimson, and Town & Country.

Keep an eye out for my future essays and feel free to get in touch.


Update: Nivien shut down after 2 years. Read our story in The Washington Post.

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Biotech VC. Director or Observer on the boards of six RA Capital companies. Former CEO of Nivien Therapeutics. My writing does not represent RA Capital.

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