How to Learn Biotech

The best scientific literature, news, podcasts, books and more

The Best Papers

PubMed is the bread-and-butter of biotech knowledge. If you feel daunted by the volume of content, start with this real-time list of trending papers.

The Best Essays

In The Pipeline, written by Derek Lowe and hosted by Science, is the leading industry blog covering everything from med chem to machine learning.

The Best News, Newsletters & Podcasts

Sign up for the free Endpoints newsletter (~15 short articles by email Mon-Fri at ~11am EST) and the corollary Early Edition (top headlines ~6am EST).

The Best Books

The investor Andrew Goodwin hosts an extensive list of biotech-related books.

The Best Government Resources

FDA provides extensive guidance on trials, pharmaceuticals, devices, regulations, new initiatives, industry reports and open-source datasets.

The Best Others

Twitter is a diverse source of insights and real-time updates from the biotech community. You can start with the list of people I follow @nbhorwitz.

What Not to Read

If you’ve never heard of the journal that published the paper you’re reading and the data seems weak—low n-values, high p-values—it may be garbage.


I hope you found new sources of biotech wisdom here. Know any essential resources that I didn’t include? Let me know!



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Nathaniel Brooks Horwitz

Biotech entrepreneur + healthcare activist. Venture Partner at RA Capital. President at Mayday Health. Co-founder of 4 companies, served on boards of 12.