Becoming a Biotech VC

Joining RA Capital in Boston to develop new biomedicines

Logo for RA Capital.

I’m excited to say that I’ve joined the venture team at RA Capital, an approximately $2.5 billion biotech firm in Boston.

Do you have a compelling new project? Email me.

After closing up Nivien last fall, I returned to Harvard for my final semester. I took a neuro seminar, electromagnetism, drug liability litigation at Harvard Law, and a killer course in computational bio, graduating with a B.A. in Molecular & Cellular Biology.

The day after my last exam, I flew to Sydney to start a 6-month trip around the world. Along the way, I learned about and wrote essays on cybersecurity in biotech, drug pricing and rebates, delivering gene therapy, a novel cancer target, the path to power in pharma, and a guide on how to learn biotech.

In June, I returned to Boston to join RA Capital. The firm has supported several biotech companies that I believe to be among the best, with novel therapies for everything from childhood cancer to neurodegenerative disease.

RA Capital pursues the entire pipeline of applied science, from creating its own companies to leading post-IPO financings. As the new Corporate Development Manager, my primary role is to ID compelling opportunities to facilitate new company creation or invest in emerging seed-stage companies.

I interned at RA Capital three years ago, right before launching Nivien. That summer, I cycled between days at RA Capital and nights and weekends in the Chad Cowan Lab at Harvard. I learned that although I value bench research, I love translating scientific discoveries into new biomedicines.

After 6 months abroad, I’m excited to be back at work. Do you have research that you’re ready to take to the next level? Email me.


Principal at RA Capital, on the boards of 7 biotech companies. Founder/CEO of Nivien Therapeutics. Australian-American. 50 countries and counting.

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