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The FDA is approving more drugs for rare diseases each year than ever before.

When politics, climate change or international conflicts have me down, I turn to biotech instead. There’s always a new scientific discovery, a new drug for a rare disease, a new medical device for a common ailment.

But non-industry media under-reports good news in biotech. Many biomedical stories that do go mainstream are inaccurate.

Here are ten real biomedical wins from 2018 (with a contentious #10):

So whatever else happened in 2018, the biomedical endeavor continues its steady progress, to the benefit of us all.


*Disclosure: I’ve owned shares in starred companies within the past 12 months.

Principal, RA Capital. Serve on boards of 6 biotech companies. Ex-Founder/CEO of Nivien Therapeutics. Writing is my own.

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